ArtAV bring Mars to Whitley Bay

ArtAV have just installed Mariner 9 by Kelly Richardson in Whitley Bay’s historic Spanish City Dome. Using three Barco HD8 projectors, three BlackMagic players and ArtAV’s own synchroniser to present this 12m wide panoramic view of a Martian landscape set hundreds of years into the future.

Coinciding with the landing of NASA’s Mars Science¬†Laboratory¬†aka “Curiosity” on the planet at the beginning of August, Richardson’s Mariner 9 opens in the raw splendour of the Spanish City Dome in Whitley Bay , August 3 – August 19, 2012. In a 12 metre-long panoramic installation, the work is a human-scale version of Mars and a battlefield of real and imagined spacecraft in the centre of a dust storm.


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