Synchronised Video

We offer a large number of synchronised multi channel video solutions, give us a call to discuss which would be best for you:

Uncompressed & Projection Mapping Video Servers – 7th Sense Delta, D3, Barco (x-agora)

These are the ultimate playback systems – ingesting almost any video format (preferably uncompressed but it doesn’t matter!) and playing back upto 24 channels of 720p, 16 channels of 1080p, 12 channels of 2k or how about4 x 4k streams in 3D!  24 audio channels, absolutely frame accuracy and post processing such as warping, edge blending and audio eq all built in!


Blackmagic Hyperdeck Systems

We are the only supplier in the world offering bespoke hardware synchronised Hyperdeck Systems! Sub-frame genlocked synchronisation, upto 40 channels of 4K, HD uncompressed, ProRes or DNxHD video and 160 audio channels. Touchscreen controller & very, very easy to use.


Blackmagic Shuttle & Video Assists

Single channel, very high quality playback from either SSDs or SD cards. Highly cost effective.


Adtec Players

We stock the Soloist HD, 4111 and Signedge players. Capable of Full HD and frame accurate synchronisation.


Brightsign Players

We have 50 channels of Brightsign Full HD playback available in pre-configured racks.


Watchout & Touchdesigner

We have several Dataton Watchout V6.1 and Touchdesigner 088 servers with AMD Firepro W9100 graphics cards capable of upto 24 HD video or image outputs. Touchdesigner is amazingly flexible and allows full interactivity. (See Janet Echelman’s “1.8 London” for example – Click here