Teaching Technically

ArtAV recently returned from HfG, The State College of Design in Karlsruhe. Situated next to ZKM the Center for Art and Media Technology; the establishment is at the forefront of new media art in Germany. Educating the artists of tomorrow with the artists of today.

ArtAV were involved in the final exhibition of the Moving Image Now! Class of 2010/2011 assisting the artists with the technical aspect of exhibiting their work for the first time. Over a short space of time 8 works were installed in a custom space and ArtAV were there to demonstrate how to make custom screens, correctly install projectors and audio equipment and provided several workshops on contemporary AV techniques. The works included large 4m suspended screens, monitor banks and ‘floating’ acrylic projection surfaces.

Overall it was a huge success and the students were overwhelmed with the accomplishments. ArtAV wishes them every success and hopes to work with them again in the future.


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