The Influence Machine – Tony Oursler – Birmingham Weekender – Sept 2017

This art installation created by american multimedia artist Tony Oursler features a psycho-landscape of ethereal figures projected onto the cathedral, trees, walls and clouds of smoke. It tells stories of the technological leaps in telecommunication – from the telegraph to the radio, the television and the internet – delving deep into the history of media.

The videos of talking heads were projected into the Cathedral Grounds, their fractured monologues combining to make a dissonant confessional chorus of the mass media age.

Due to each projection having extremely different requirements, mainly down to unusual projection surfaces, ArtAV used a range of projectors. This included a Panasonic PTDZ21K, two Barco PGWU-62L-K’s, two Panasonic PT-DX610EL’s, a Canon WUX6000 and an Optoma EH415e. The work comprises seven video projections each with it’s own single channel audio track. We installed seven QSC K8 speakers, one with each projection, for the audio solution. The whole piece came together within the grounds of the cathedral and not only impressed visitors but also surprised passers by.

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