Wilsons at Whitworth

The Whitworth Gallery have recently opened an exhibition of works from long time ArtAV clients Jane and Louise Wilson. The acclaimed British artists used the exhibition to premier their new film Toxic Camera (2012); as well as exhibiting Face Scripting, What Did The Building See? (2011)  among other physical works and photographs. Both films were shown in custom gauze boxes, a typical Wilson’s trademark. ArtAV have been involved in this project from the very beginning offering consultations in regards to design of the install space to show the films, specifications of equipment used and rental of the custom gauze boxes with mirrors.

Toxic Camera was inspired by Shevchenko’s film Chernobyl: A Chronicle of Difficult Weeks, in particular the Wilson’s concentrate on the toxicity of the camera used to shoot Shevchenko’s film which later had to be buried due to its highly radioactive state. The film has been selected for the Rotterdam Film Festival and will receive its cinema premier in 2013.



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